Personal issues within a family setting can be difficult and such matters should then be handled personally. We make it a point to carefully listen to your needs and the situation…whatever it may be.

In our offices in Sacramento, clients come to our Sacramento lawyers with a wide range of goals and family matters. We understand that no two cases are the same and it takes professionalism to take on each case.


Divorce issues are one of the many problems that we are faced with. In many circumstances, kids can be involved, making it a very delicate situation. Therefore, we strive to make the process less stressful by offering multiple support systems. Our mediation service is one of these systems we have in place. This service helps to prevent divorce if possible, and helps couples to settle differences. Of course, not all marriages carry on and in this situation we offer as many options as possible.
1. Child Support

Unfortunately, if there are children, they get involved in the divorce. We understand that the two individuals in the relationship may have emotional turmoil towards each other, but we strive to create a better situation for kids. Legal action will always be taken to ensure the future of a family’s next generation.

2. Property Division

Splitting a family also involves dividing property. Clients face challenges with this and we offer experience and professionalism to address it. Reasonable agreements can be achieved where the family situation can function better.

3. Child Custody

This is another painful issue to deal with for individuals getting a divorce–the custody of a child. It depends on the situation, and the child’s well being. Legal technicalities will impact who has custody, and at our family law offices, we are up to date with the legalities and use them to benefit children in these situations.

At our family law offices, we put you ahead of the legal terms. You are not a case number, you are a person who is going through a difficult time. This is only a small section of the services we offer, as we are meticulous in our work. All consultations are free, and we offer affordable rates to every situation. We are always available to help.

Do you have a pending case in court? Are you looking for someone to take care of your interests? Find a good lawyer!

A lawyer provides you with the chance to have your day in court. A good lawyer on the other hand, is your best chance of getting the justice you seek. An excellent lawyer will ensure that you avoid significant legal repercussions based on your actions.

So, how do you find a good lawyer?

Specialty Expertise

If you want to get the best legal representation possible, you need to consider the leader in the industry. You have a higher chance of winning if you hire someone who has the knowledge and experience required for your kind of case. Lawyers who have specialized their legal skills will come in handy.

Track Record

What kind of record of accomplishment does your lawyer of choice have? How many cases of your kind has the professional won? How do other clients feel about the services he offers?

A lawyer who has a good record of accomplishment knows what he is doing. You have more assurance that he is likely to try to win your case by any means necessary.


Not all lawyers are professional. Some lawyers conduct themselves without integrity. They can shortchange you in terms of the services they offer or the compensation you obtain. You really want to avoid people of this nature. They do not have your best interests at heart.

The reputation of a lawyer is everything in the business. You should therefore take time to read reviews and check out customer testimonials. Have reviewers given your shortlisted lawyers good ratings? Do most people have complaints on the quality of legal services they received?

The relationship that you have with your lawyer can determine whether you win your case in court or not. You need to Vind advocaat Zwolle if you want to obtain the best legal services possible. A professional of this nature has your interest at heart, and the expertise to help you attain justice.

Being charged with a DWI New Orleans is no laughing matter. As a defendant in a criminal court case, you need to be able to handle your decisions wisely to ensure a favorable outcome. The first thing to do is to call a DWI attorney. This man or woman will be working closely with you to try to handle the legal paperwork and the trial proceedings. It is important to hire someone that can act in your best interests. When interviewing attorneys, you need to be able to clearly see how qualified they are and what they bring to the table. It is imperative to make sure that the attorney has at least three or more years of experience handling DWI cases.

One option to consider is pleading guilty and asking the prosecuting attorney for a plea bargain agreement. Courts prefer these agreements because it avoids having to waste taxpayer dollars on trial proceedings. People who admit that they did in fact commit the crime will get a lighter sentence and will not have to roll the dice at trial and face jail or prison time. This can allow people to maintain their freedom if the agreement states that they receive probation and other penalties.

If you have been found guilty of a prior DUI charge, then this can make a defense tricky because of your past history. The judge or jury will evaluate your criminal record to see if you show a pattern of driving under the influence. If you do, then you will want to consider fighting the charges or admitting to them and offer to go to rehab to get treatment. It is important to be able to be strategic about how you go about this because you can end up serving a lengthy jail or prison sentence if you do not act accordingly.